Experience the AristaCare Difference

General History

"The Story of AristaCare"

For over 20 years, AristaCare has provided exceptional post-acute rehabilitation, memory care, and long-term care services. With a combined 70+ years of experience and leadership between our CEO, President, and COO in post-acute care setting, you can rest assured that the care you receive will be top notch.

We employ expertly trained staff, adopt medically advised best practices and proven techniques/systems, and utilize state-of-the-art technology—all in a highly compassionate environment designed with comfort and aesthetics in mind. 

Our patient-centric philosophy focuses on patient satisfaction and the wellness, recovery, and progress of the whole person. This encompasses the clinical, social, spiritual, and mental components of every person we serve. With a focus on the future of the dynamic healthcare landscape, we position ourselves to meet and exceed the industry’s forecasted demands with an organized, creative, and well-thought-out approach.

AristaCare is also very proud to be a socially responsible company. By actively hiring and engaging with the communities we serve, we propel our mission of social good and create a genuine communal feeling throughout our centers.