Experience the AristaCare Difference

Comprehensive Transition to Home Process

AristaCare recognizes the significance of its role in transitional care, as a connective setting between the hospital and home. AristaCare has an innovative approach to ensure a smooth transition for patients between settings in an effort to maximize patient experience, encourage continued recovery, and help maintain the highest clinical outcomes possible. A vital component is constant communication with the full medical team, starting prior to a patient’s stay at AristaCare, continuing through the entire treatment and recovery process, and maintained throughout the reintroduction to their home environment. Prior to a patients’ discharge to home, all necessary services, medications, physician appointments, and equipment are fully coordinated. Once discharged, a full summary is sent to the patients’ primary care physician, and comprehensive follow up support and services are initiated. The patient is fully trained and educated on self care and monitoring, ensuring a high level of compliance, and stressing the important impact of each patient being a fully vested partner in his or her wellness.