Experience the AristaCare Difference

Sensory Care

Multi Sensory therapy takes place in our specially equipped sensory room. In the multi sensory room the primary senses are stimulated through light, sound, touch and smell.
The sensory room offers a unique environment that engages all the senses. Designed to create a feeling of comfort and safety and help to lessen anxiety, stress and sometimes even pain. Each session is specific to the resident´s sensory preferences.

Our newly designed and unique Sensory Room includes a 6 foot Water Panel, 300″ Projector, Fiber Optic Lights, Bubble Tube, Solar Projectors, Fiber Optic Curtain, Aromatherapy, Soft music, a mobile sensory cart, and much more. Residents also can use switches which allow them to manipulate their environment fostering cause and effect skills. All of this helps to create the perfect environment for sensory therapy.