Experience the AristaCare Difference

Intense Rehabilitation

Our 7 day a week aggressive rehab is the best in the industry. Some of our cutting edge equipment includes:

The Omnicycle Elite system provides “powered assist” exercise therapy for post- hospital patients who may not typically be able to participate in therapeutic exercise due to lack of strength, coordination, paralysis and other conditions. The Omnicycle´s “smart-assist” technology provides help as needed. As one gets stronger, the amount of “powered assistance” is steadily decreased until the exerciser can power the Omnicycle on their own to build additional strength and endurance. The system offers upper and lower extremity exercise options, a game like display to keep the patients active and engaged, and a color display with interactive biofeedback for enhanced patient motivation and compliance.

The Omnicycle helps patients:

  • Exercise Earlier In Their Recovery Process To Improve Function
  • Accommodate Patients Who Have Difficulty With Movement, Mobility, Or Paralysis
  • Helps Increase Range Of Motion, Strength, Endurance, And Muscle Control

Patients diagnosed with Dysphagia, defined as difficulty in swallowing, usually exhibit signs of penetration or aspiration (food or liquid getting into the lungs), muscle weakness and difficulty managing a normal diet. An impaired swallow often results in feeding restrictions, which in turn contribute to a decline in quality of life. VitalStim Therapy is designed to help swallowing through the use of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES). Electrical stimulation is used to aid muscle strengthening to rehabilitate swallow. The sensory stimulation that is provided also helps muscle recruitment and swallowing function.

This computerized equipment can assess and treat balance challenges. Through a series of tests, this technology helps the therapist determine which of the three body systems responsible for balance control is contributing to the patient´s balance issues. The three body systems are: vestibular, visual and somatosensory. Once the system objectively determines what the contributing factors are to the impaired balance, the Biodex Balance machine translates this into treatment. With this equipment, treatment is done in a manner that is very engaging and fun, but is extremely effective. Progress reports of each treatment can be printed out so that the patient and family can track and compare specific progress from each treatment session.