Experience the AristaCare Difference

Memory Care at Nostalgia Park

The following fundamental cornerstones of our program define our unique approach:

Nostalgia Park´s philosophy is to understand that each resident is an individual with unique challenges. Respecting each resident for the person they once were and who he or she is now is of paramount importance. A strong focus is put on discovering the lives of our residents before dementia, which in turn allows us to use their past as a tool in helping them reach their current comfort level and experience their highest quality and level of life possible.

While striving towards excellence, we utilize individual approaches, incorporate innovative ideas, and provide a home-like environment that encourages socialization.

Our goal is to create purposeful and meaningful days for each individual resident by learning his or her individual preferences, previous hobbies, and sensitivities. We constantly research and implement creative ways to ensure each resident experiences their maximum quality of life.

We strive to meet the spiritual and psychological needs of each person, and always focus on the emotional well-being of the residents and families, as we understand that all are influenced by a dementia diagnosis.

Our unit is divided into three levels of cognitive function, where each resident participates on their specified level with customized activities and programming for each group.

We work hard on building a strong partnership with friends and families to know and understand each resident´s individual preferences, so we can better accommodate his or her desires and needs.