Experience the AristaCare Difference


AristaCare is reinventing the standard of care through exceptional teamwork, consistent excellence, and state-of-the-art centers. Every patient and resident that joins our family is treated with the utmost respect. The collective decades of experience our team brings to your care is unmatched. 

We take the overall wellbeing of our residents seriously, and we prove this every day by offering a unique service that blends a warm, familial environment with cutting edge technology. Our staff and guests can attest to the strength of our team’s commitment to outstanding treatment. 

Our services include skilled nursing care, short-term care, long-term care, rehabilitation, and more unique healthcare departments designed to suit your unique needs. We invite you to explore all that our facility has to offer when you browse our website!


BetterCare™ features a sophisticated system of patient assessment, monitoring and treatment, with a sharp focus on prevention. This model is delivered through high level clinicians, “telemedicine”, comprehensive education and training, innovative medical technology and software, and 24 hour access to advanced onsite hospital level medical care. This approach promotes quicker progress, a more complete recovery, and immediate treatment for any change in condition, which reduces disruptive episodes of rehospitalization and its related complications.

Transition of Care

AristaCare recognizes the significance of its role in transitional care, as a connective setting between the hospital and home. AristaCare has an innovative process to ensure a smooth transition between settings in effort to maximize patient experience and compliance, encourage continued recovery, and to help maintain the highest clinical outcomes possible throughout their entire recovery process.

Critical Care Management

AristaCare boasts clinically sophisticated environments focused on “in house” management of medically complex patients. Our staff is expertly trained to treat patients at AristaCare and care for highly critical patients. High level Nurse Practitioners and sophisticated equipment support these efforts.

Aggressive Therapy

High quality therapy services are delivered seven days a week in fully equipped gyms with the latest rehab technology. We offer Cardiac Telemetry Monitoring during rehab for optimal safety. This gives us the ability to approach rehab aggressively yet securely. We are proud of our multidisciplinary focus on consistently meeting length of stay goals.