Experience the AristaCare Difference

Pulmonary Care

AristaCare´s COPD Program is supervised by a Pulmonologist. Our staff is thoroughly trained to recognize symptoms early, treat, and educate patients on COPD.
Patients are instructed on a self assessment tool designed to reduce the likelihood of exacerbation of symptoms. Specific types of exercises are recommended as well to enhance upper body strength which is beneficial to those suffering from COPD. AristaCare´s Trach Program focuses on meeting the unique needs of tracheostomy patients with the goal to decannulate and consistently attempt to decannulate patients with whom it is clinically appropriate, but when not possible, to focus on trach management to allow the patient to return to as high quality of life as possible without the trach. AristaCare has a multidisciplinary effort supporting, treating, and educating the trach patient.